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Toss as she appears in Cut the Rope 2
Character Information
Species Nommie
Gender Female
Color Spindle
Allies Om Nom

The Nommies

Enemies Spiders

Toss is one of the main characters of the game Cut the Rope 2. Toss is one of the Nommies that help Om Nom. She is the fourth Nommie that Om Nom meets in the game. She is first seen in the City Park coming soon has been plushie.



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From the official website:

"The scientists propose that the spring-limbs on Toss' heads are used to throw their friends and relatives onto the branches of trees, so these latter ones could harvest food: like all species of the Nommies family, Tosses love all sweets, and, in their natural habitat, they prefer to eat fruit."


Toss is a grey-blue round Nommie with a spring extension on her head. She has one tooth. She is 1 ft 3 in high and weighs 14.5 lb. A scientific name for this species (coined by Zeptolab) is Spiralem Frontem. In the City Park episode of Om Nom Stories, Toss has eyelashes; she has none in the game.

A girl that’s slightly impulsive, lively, curious and very helpful. The characteristic feature of this species is an extra spring-shaped limb located on its head. With a little help, a toss can throw up all kinds of things, and scientists have yet to figure out what evolutionary processes led to the emergence of such non-standard adaptations. Tosses' paws are quite short, and not adapted for climbing trees. The members of this species are extremely social, which has led scientists to propose that their spring-limbs are used to throw their relatives onto the branches of trees — like all species of the Nommy family, tosses love all sweets, and in their natural habitat prefer to eat fruit.

Description from the Character Chart for Cut the Rope 2.


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  • She's the only girl in Cut The Rope 2.
  • She's the one of two girls in the Nommies group. The second girl is Om Nelle.


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