Tool Box
General Info
Release Date: October 2011
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 9
Previous Episode: Cosmic Box (Toy Box before 1.6.0 update)
Next Episode: Buzz Box
Stars to unlock: 375Star
Difficulty: Rather Hard
Game: Cut the Rope

Toolbox is the ninth box the player gains access to in the original game. Its mechanics revolve around all previous episodes obstacles and features with the addition of blades adding another obstacle to the gameplay. Like the spikes, when a candy hits the blade, it is destroyed.

Notable levels

Level 9-1 is the first level of the Toolbox introducing the use of blades, which are always open to rotating at the player's touch and will destroy candy if candy and blades come in contact.

Level 9-2 is the first occurrence of multiple blades rotating with a single touch.

Level 19-4 introduces colour-coded blades that rotate only when a blade of the same colour rotates when touched. (Blades are either green or red)

Level 9-21: the first and only hidden drawing of the Toolbox is found here underneath Om Nom and above the topmost star.


The box background is red with many tools around the box make it like a real toolbox.



On completing the box, the player gets Toolbox Completed achievement. Getting three stars in each level gains Toolbox Perfect achievement.

Original game boxes

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2nd season: Toy | Gift | Cosmic | Toolbox | Buzz
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Bonus: Candy Feast

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