Not to be confused with the Cut The Rope: Time Travel, this episode is the first episode of Season 2.

How far Om Nom goes for a candy? Maybe stealing it from ages is the perfect test.

Plot Edit

In the beginning, Om Nom is seen trying to eat a piece of candy when a time machine with 2013 on the display appears unexpectedly. The time machine opens and starts sucking in a pencil, two markers, a pencil holder, and Om Nom's candy. The candy gets sucked into the time machine. Om Nom jumps off the desk and goes closer. He finds the candy inside the machine, but then he gets sucked in. He appears too obese to get through. He tries to get out but he gets sucked right back in. The time machine's display starts changing to different numbers. The screen gets brighter and then we see Om Nom yelling as he falls through a time warp with other clocks changing time rapidly.

Hidden Star Edit

It is on a shelve when the time machine appears, but you have to pause quickly.

Errors Edit

  • When Om Nom is on the floor, the pencil disappears and the pencil holder doesn't move
  • TBA

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last Om Nom Stories episode to use the Season 1 intro
  • Likewise with Robo Friend and Candy Jar, this episode does not feature Evan in his room
  • In the episode, the time machine says 2013, but in the Triple Treat version for the 3DS, the machine is flipped and says 2014 instead, which means that the 3ds version was released in 2014.
  • This is also the second to last episode being totally live action of the whole series. The actual last one to use live action before switching to CGI is Home Sweet Home.
  • It is unknown how the time machine ended there.
  • A shorter version of this episode was used in the beginning of the game itself, with the audio being shorter and (somewhat) out of place.
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