The Renaissance was the third episode of season 2 in the Om Nom Stories.

Om Da Vinci was one of the most famous inventors... but he may had a little help in the solar system thing.

Plot Edit

Om Nom warps out of a portal in a very strange room filled with maps, paints and weird stuff. He is amazed until he sees a solar system representation with all, and a candy sun. Om Nom tries to grab it and starts climbing so he can get off while Om Da Vinci was using his telescope in top of the solar system. Om Nom accidentally makes the observation plataform shake and makes Om Da Vinci fall off, moving the real sun to where the candy back. Om Nom ashamed notices that he takes off the sweet and gives it back to Da Vinci, which thanks Om Nom and in order of thanks he let’s Om Nom use his telescope. Om Nom sees a candy planet and shows it to Om Da Vinci which gets amazed and both laugh.

Hidden Star Edit

If some one sees it please edit is so all can now.

Trivia Edit

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t actually discovered that much about solar system, Galileo Galilei did.
  2. the telescope was pretty powerful, that candy sun was out of the solar system.
  3. this episode is shorter than others
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