The Pirate Ship was the episode number 4 of the Om Nom Stories Season 2.

Treasure hunt? Call Om Nom! If the treasure is a sweet obviously.


Captain Om Nom May had arrived to a tiny island, which according to the map has a candy treasure. However the wind breaks the map in half and the other half ends in Om Nom’s hands, which he sees the sweet and also goes on. He finds Cap and they notice they have the same map, and they dig a hole in the middle. Then the candy fits in the hole and they both go flying off by a water hose revealing that the island is a whale and the whale goes swimming. Captain Om Nom and Om Nom (with the candy sweet) fall back in the ship luckily.

Captain Om Nom is driving the ship and Om Nom fakes doing the same thing with the candy, but when Cap sees him, he acts normally.

Hidden StarEdit

Most people think is Om Nom warping portal.

Trivi Edit

  1. Captain Om Nom has a ship, but he may not have a crew.
  2. It Is unknown how the whale survived is the candy was stuck in the water hole.
  3. This episode is shorter than most of the Om Nom Stories.
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