The Middle Ages was episode 2 of Om Nom Stories season 2, Time Travel

Om Nom May had taken off Excalibur, but not only him wants the crown...

Plot Edit

Arthur Nom is on front of Excalibur, and tries to take the sword off. While he takes more off the sword a crown goes down of the sky, and Arthur almost takes the sword but fails. The crown goes back to the sky and Arthur gets sad. Meanwhile Om Nom appears in the other side of Excalibur and sees that the hand hold part is actually a sweet, which he tries to eat. So, Om Nom takes the sword off (and wins the crown) making Arthur jealous. While Om Nom tries to eat the candy Arthur sees his crown and goes to the attack. Arthur Nom chases Om Nom until they arrive to a exit less edge making Om Nom try to climb a plain mountain but fails and his crown falls in top of Arthur’s helmet. Then Arthur Nom befriends Om Nom and shows him a map pointed with candy, and Om Nom eats one. Both laugh while the episode ends.

Hidden Star Edit

One of the sword decorations (the left one) in Arthur‘s castle.

Trivia Edit

  1. This is the first episode being completely CGI
  2. This is the first episode with a different intro
  3. in the intro Om Nom looked to like the time warp, but he was scared in Time Travel (episode 1)
  4. the sword that appeared is an obvious reference to the sword in the stone story.
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