The Ancient Egypt was the episode number 5 of season 2 in the Om Nom Stories.

Maybe stealing an ancient Egyptian treasure of the pharaoh was not as smart as he thinked...

Plot Edit

Om Nom warps to an Egyptian saloon, which is very weird until he sees a cup with candy. He takes one sweet but accidentally wakes up the pharaoh Om Nom. Om Nom gets Scared and runs with the candy through a trap hallway. However, Om Nom is trap-proved. While the chase Om Nom passes near other saloon with a huge sweet in the middle, which Om Nom takes, and the pharaoh tries to stop him but fails. Soon the whole thing begins to collapse and Om Nom with the pharaoh pay a run.


Pharaoh Om Nom is sad because the pyramid where he lived is destroyed. Om Nom cheers him up with the big sweet, and the pharaoh hugs it while the episode ends.

Hidden Star Edit

Some people say its in the ruins.

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