Superpowers are special abilities of Om Nom that facilitate the gameplay and allow the player to pass the level easily in the first three games.

After the player activates the superpowers, the gameplay changes drastically.

  • The candy can no longer break into pieces or leave the screen. Spikes and other obstacles cannot damage the candy. Therefore, the player cannot lose the level.
  • The player can tap and hold the screen to move the candy in any direction they want.
  • A fourth star with blue color appears in the level.
  • Om Nom changes its appearance to resemble a superhero with a four-handed glove in the original and Experiments, and a red-and-purple goggle pair in the Time Travel..

The effect of moving the candy can be similar to toggling gravity in Cosmic Box.

By default, new players are given three portions of superpowers to help with some particularly difficult levels. More superpowers can be bought via in-game purchases. Since some update, the original game offers some superpowers to players who launch the game regularly.


Level 6-14 of Time Travel with superpowers on

Trivia Edit

  • In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, there is a glitch that if you activate Superpowers just after the modern-day Om Nom (not its ancestors or its future self) has finished its candy, it will stay awake.
    • However, it will only stay awake for 30 seconds before it sleeps.


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The superpowers appear in the Om Nom Stories as a glove of a superhero, but when it got to the laundry it dropped off the rocket to Om Nom’s house. Om Nom got the gloves and Om Nelle Got a freezing belt ( which she uses as a tiara). The glove does telekinesis.

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