Strange Delivery Part 4 is the fourth issue in Cut The Rope: the Comic.


While Evan is in the school, he falls asleep in Ms. Doyle's class. Unfortunately Ms. Doyle makes him write 4 page-paper on the women's suffrage movement in the U.S. and tells him to hand in for her tomorrow. When he's on the way to study the next class, Haley catches up with Evan to have a conversation with him. When they have reached the class, she says goodbye to him, but, surprisingly, he also studies there. Haley seems doesn't know the existence of Evan in her class. When Evan gets home, the green creature has already backed to his box just in time (in Issue #3). He is very happy because Haley is coming to his house again, and he is also feed the green creature with candies. While the green creature is eating candies, he tries to name it, but he doesn't satisfy any of them. When he hears "Om Nom" from the creature, he finds the name is good and names it as Om Nom. Back to Big Vegetable Inc., the CEO tells that Project: Nutrilicious had been delayed and asks if they had received any news from The Catcher Brothers. One of his employees tells no and they say they knew The Catcher Brothers had arrived the location where Om Nom is believed to be. The CEO really wants to know more news, and his employee show him the video (the video is probably recorded by the camera which is hidden in Om Nom). We can't see what's in the video, only the sound "Omnomnom". The next scene is where The Catcher Brothers parking their truck next to Evan's house and in front of professor Vankin's house, as directed. When Vankin goes out with his invention, they begins to break in Evan's house. Haley is just getting to his house when she hears them talking about capturing Om Nom, so she tells Evan that The Catcher Brothers is going to capture Om Nom. Evan is surprised but he neglects about that until they hear the sound of crashing window's mirror. They try to sneak in to find out who is in his house, but unfortunately they hit Zeb and Zed and are captured. Luckily Zeb is beaten by Om Nom, and they run away, but Om Nom is captured by the catcher hidden inside Zed's hat. The end goes here.

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