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Strange Delivery Part 2 is the second issue in Cut The Rope: the Comic.


The green creature is surrounded by the dogs. Evan tells Haley to get the candy. While she is getting the candy. Evan makes a cat's sound, and when the dogs are not focusing on the creature, he runs away. Haley brings the candy to Evan, and he ties it with the rope and throws to the creature to save him from the dogs. Haley doesn't know what happened. Evan gets home, and after cleaning the kitchen, he hides it in his room. But the creature is hungry, and he must to go to the kitchen to get some cookies for it. His parents are there, too, and they ask Evan why the window was broken. He tries to make an excuse to get back to his room by pretending to have a stomachache. While feeding the creature, Haley comes and she asks Evan about it. Then, Evan leads her into his room and shows it. And they are going to solve the mystery what is that creature, and where does it come from. At Big Vegetable Inc., the CEO is asking the new employee (the guy who sends the green creature to Evan's house in the first comic) where he had sent it, and this part ends here.