Stars are items that appear in all three Cut the Rope games. Part of the objective of the game is to have the candy touch and collect as many stars as possible before being fed to Om Nom. There are three stars in each in each stage, leading to a total of 75 per box. Stars are used to unlock new boxes, and all 75 must be collected in a box in order to complete it.

Starting in the Fabric Box, certain stars have a limited time to be collected, and will vanish if they are not done so.

Number Of Stars needed to get into box Edit

1. Cardboard Box-0

2. Fabric Box-30

3. Foil Box-80

4. Magic Box-180

5. Valentine Box-240

6. Toy Box-300

7. Gift Box-350

8. Cosmic Box-400

9. Tool Box-450

10. Buzz Box-500

11. DJ Box-530

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