Pillow Box
General Info
Release Date: July 2014 (iOS), June 2014 (Android)
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 16
Previous Episode: Cheese Box
Next Episode: Mechanical Box
Stars to unlock: 750Star
Difficulty: Very Hard
Game: Cut the Rope

Pillow Box is the sixteenth box in the original Cut the Rope game and is the sixth box in Season 3. It features a new gameplay element, the night lights. The night lights are attached to the ropes and will reveal stars when it comes near it. The night lights will also carry candy.

Notable levels

Easiest Level: 16-01

Hardest Level: 16-21


Main article: Pillow Box/Walkthroughs


The box is blue and looks like an actual pillow as shown by the buttons on the bottom corners. There is a star around where Om Nom's head is poking out and they are crescent moons on the top corners of the box.




The player will get the Pillow Box Completed if he/she completed the box and Pillow Box Perfect when he/she three-star all levels in the box.

Original game boxes

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2nd season: Toy | Gift | Cosmic | Toolbox | Buzz
3rd season: DJ | Spooky | Steam | Lantern | Cheese | Pillow | Mechanical
Bonus: Candy Feast

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