The Phenomenal Heroes (or Super-Noms) was a song that was used in Seasons 13 and 14 of the Super-Noms series. The song was first uploaded on August 9, 2019 as a way to promote Season 13's arrival.

Lyrics: Edit

Hey,  if something goes wrong anywhere

Then the Super Noms will be there

If a big villain is threatening you

Oh, the Super Noms’ll come right through

The brave Om Nom can move stuff just by thinking

And lovely Om Nelle can make ice beams rain

Wearin’ their super-cool super-suits 

They fly around in their super-fantastical Plane!

Super-Noms, hey!  Super-Noms, yay!

They stand against wrong!

Super-Noms, oh!  Super-Noms, whoa!

This is their theme song!

Super-Noms phenomenon heroes.

Trivia: Edit

  • This intro is probably extinct, as it was only used in the last two seasons of the Super-Noms series.
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