The Pilot Episode for Om Nom Stories, Also promoted as "Om Nom & Cat". was uploaded on December 9, 2011. Zeptolab tried to make a series about om nom, so they did the pilot of om nom stories, and since it was successful, they made a whole series of it.


  • A boy is having fun playing cut the rope in fabric box, but he accidentally drops the candy. Afterwards the boy lefts, maybe for helping his mom with the groceries. Then the iPad suddenly shakes and starts shining, and Om Nom cames out of it with the series title. Curious of this new world, he goes investigating through the house and finds a tennis ball, which he chews but tastes awful so he just spits it. Om Nom, disgusted by the ball sees a grocery bag where he thinks he may have a candy chance. Excited he goes to it while playing with the kitchen objects he finds like a glass cup. After arriving to the bag om nom doesn't finded a candy, so he enters to the bag and starts throwing things to the floor, accidentally warning the cat about some intruder disturbing the house. Om Nom finds a lollipop and tries to eat it but the bag falls from the table, and after some spinning om nom falls in front of the cat, which he gets scared of and they start a frenetic chase in the room. After a moment being chased om nom finds the iPad and enters back to it. Om Nom makes fun of the cat by showing his tongue,says bye to the audience ( and breaking the fourth wall ) and goes screen off.

Trivia/Errors Edit

  • This episode is the only Om Nom stories episode to have real life brand names, such as the boy's white Apple iPad 2, and if you look closely, there is a microwave made by Whirlpool that Om Nom passes by in the kitchen scene.
  • Most of Om Nom's appearances seem to be poorly drawn, but it's expected since this is the pilot episode.
  • This episode was also called Om Nom and Cat and Cat Fight in addition to Pilot Episode
  • The episode does not take place in Evan's house, nor does Evan actually appear in the episode.
  • The episode's success lead to Om Nom Stories' debut in 2012
  • In the scene where Om Nom is holding the lollipop, it disappears after the camera changes to the cat, probably meaning that Om Nom ate it off-screen or dropped it on the counter whilst falling
  • Om Nom breaks the 4th wall by waving goodbye to the viewers, which makes it the second and possibly the last time he broke the 4th wall (the first time was in the ending banner in the original game that says "Thank you for playing", however no one knows if it was Om Nom who wrote the banner or the developers)
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