Om Nom
Layer 3
Character Information
Known as 8 (Cut the Rope 1 and 2)

20 (Om Nom Stories) 2020

Species The Nommies
Gender Male
Color Green
Allies The Nommies


Nibble-Nom (Son)
Om Nelle (Girlfriend)
Toss (Friend)

Enemies Spiders

Om Nom is an 8-year old monster and the main protagonist of the Cut the Rope series. The player's aim throughout the games is to feed him with candy by cutting ropes and using various gameplay elements, such as air cushions, magic hats, anti-gravity buttons, and other items. Om Nom is known for his passion for the aforementioned yellow and red candies.

If the candy drops off-screen or gets destroyed, Om Nom will groan in disappointment and make a sad face. Om Nom is a very sweet little creature, unless Spiders steal his candy. If the player touches him, he would either do a handstand, look both ways or wave at you. If the candy gets near him, he will open its mouth wide. He is also considered as a very cute character.

Appearance Edit

Only a little information is available about the species of Om Nom. Om Nom is a Nommie, the species of the helpers in Cut the Rope 2.

And also, Cut The Rope: Time Travel features Om Nom ancestors, which might mean that these creatures have been living on Earth for a long time. However, excluding the present Om Nom, there is no evidence that his ancestors had owners. It is possible they could still be kept by Evan, speculating that Om Nom's species are both domestic and wild, then again, no other creatures of his kind have been seen yet in captivity in his time. Om Nom's gender is male. He is speculated to be a child or a baby, whichever pulls on your heartstrings more. The age of his ancestors is unknown, but we can speculate they are all the same age.


Screenshots and Artwork (pictures) Edit

Mouth smile
Om nom asset body



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