Om Nelle
Character Information
Species The Nommies
Gender Female
Color Green
Om Nelle is the female counterpart of Om Nom. Like Om Nom himself, she can do the same things such as eating candy and discovering new things.Om Nelle was exclusively added in the game My Om Nom, rapid popularity resulted in ZeptoLab adding Om Nelle to countless episodes of Om Nom Stories, which were seasons 5, 6, 7, and 8. And was given a brand new design and personalit to give her more of an identity than Om Nom in drag


the word “Nelle” means Nelle variation of the Old English name, Nell, meaning 'a ray of sunshine.' It also has roots in Greek, Latin and Arabic and the meaning of these names all relate to 'light' or 'brightness.' ... Nelle was the reverse of a very popular name, Ellen. Om Nelle is also commonly known as “Om nom’s girlfriend“ by most fans, which is, indeed canon in Om Nom Stories.