Om Nelle
Character Information
Species The Nommies
Gender Female
Color Pink
Om Nelle is the female counterpart of Om Nom. Like Om Nom himself, she can do the same things such as eating candy and discovering new things. Om Nelle was exclusively added in the game My Om Nom, however rapid popularity resulted in ZeptoLab adding Om Nelle to to future episodes of Om Nom Stories starting with season 4. Her design is similar to Om Nom, except she has sharp eyelashes, blue eyes, and a curled antenna.

Appearance Edit

In the game My Om Nom (both in-game and in the trailers), Om Nelle sported a completely different design. She looked almost like Om Nom. Her eyes are black instead of the current blue eyes, she had completely different eyelashes, and she had a different personality. In-game, her antenna was straight (presumeably since her model was just a cheaply edited model of Om Nom) rather than curled in other media of her. Of course, it was changed once ZeptoLab switched to a different animation studio and to avoid confusion.

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