My Om Nom is a pet simulator game by ZeptoLab (Much like tomagatchi) featuring Om Nom. Players have to take care of a virtual Om Nom which they can also design and dress up. Players can choose to take care of Om Nom or Om Nelle. To take care of Om Nom / Om Nelle, use coins to buy items to feed/play/care for Om Nom. Players can also play mini-games to earn free coins, dress up Om Nom or Om Nelle, and decorate the room. If you don't take care of Om Nom or Om Nelle for a long time, they will get sick and bad music will begin playing upon entering the game. One Android user reported that it happened to him/her when his/her tablet was lost for 2 weeks.

you can’t really get the game anymore but Heres the link to download it on Android:

On iOS it costs $4.99 while on Android it's for free.