Mechanical Box
General Info
Release Date: March 2015
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 17
Previous Episode: Pillow Box
Next Episode: TBA
Stars to unlock: 750Star
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard
Game: Cut the Rope

Mechanical Box is the seventeenth box in the original Cut the Rope game and is the seventh box in Season 3. It features a new gameplay element, the belt. It is used to move the object(s) within the belt. This box was released in March 2015 along with Invisible Box.  

Notable levelsEdit

Level 17-1 introduces the belt and gives the basics of level mechanics.

Level 17-17 has a hidden drawing.

Level 17-22 is known for its difficulty.


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The box has a light violet color and has some big gears in it. A red block of text saying, 'The Hardest One' in the bottom right-hand corner indicates the box's difficulty.




The player will achieve Mechanical Box Completed if they complete the box and Mechanical Box Perfect when they get three-stars on all levels in the box.

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