Magic Tricks is the episode number six of season one in Om Nom Stories

Evan wants to show some tricks to Om Nom, but he shouldn’t used candy.

Plot Edit

Evan promised Om Nom some cool magic tricks, so he dresses up like a magician as he did for Halloween.

Act 1:

Evan grabs a candy which Om Nom tries to eat, but he walks back when Evan places a little piece of red napkin in top of it. Om Nom tries to figure what’s in but Evan uses his magic stick with the candy. Evan takes the napkin and Om Nom tries to eat the sweet but it has disappeared from the table. Om Nom, scared searches the candy and asks Evan where the candy is now. Evan just takes off his hat revealing the candy in top of his head, making Om Nom cheer excited.

Act 2:

Evan places his hat on a table, and after that he throws the candy inside the hat. Om Nom climbs to the top of the hat but he don’t sees the candy, so he just goes down making the hat go flying and spinning and it lands in top of Om Nom. Evan comes to take his hat but he sees that Om Nom is missing so he shakes the hat to make him fall off, but the hat is just empty. Then at the other edge of the room a munch is heared, is Om Nom eating candy!

Hidden Star Edit

When Evan is searching for Om Nom, a green book kinda toppled has it on.

Curiosities Edit

  1. This episode has proven that Evan’s hair on the series is brown.
  2. Om Nom might had learned some tricks as proved in season 7, dream job.
  3. Evan’s magician suit looks very similar to the one he was using in the first Halloween special.
  4. Om Nom was eating a different candy at the end than the one Evan was using in the tricks.
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