Below is a list of boxes in Cut the Rope original game for iOS and Android.
Cardboard Box Cardboard Box
Released in October 2010 along with the original game.
Does not require stars to unlock.
Game features introduced in this episode include: ropes, bubbles, automatic ropes and spikes. Automatic ropes are ropes that spawn automatically when the candy is touched nearby them. Bubbles help lift the candy through the air; spikes break candy when touched.
The background of this Box is different types of cardboard patched together.
Fabric Box Fabric Box
Released in October 2010 along with the original game.
The Fabric Box is seemingly made of green fabric with light green spots.
New gameplay features include: air cushions and spiders. Air cushions lets you tap on them to help move the candy and other objects through the air. While spiders go on the rope the candy is on to attempt to steal it.
Foil Box Foil Box
Released in October 2010 along with the original game.
The Foil Box is made of ripped or tattered pieces of foil.
New gameplay features include: movable ropes, timed stars and electric sparks. Movable ropes lets you drag them to move the candy. Timed stars are stars you have to earn before the time on them runs out. When it does, they disappear from sight. Electric Sparks are slighty similiar to those of Spikes. They break your candy when it touches it. But they also switch from off to on.
Magic Box Magic Box
Released in April 2011.
The background for this box is a dark blue cover with stars and occasionally a spotlight.
New gameplay features include: Magic hats. Magic hats help you teleport your candy to another Magic hat.
Valentine Box Valentine Box
Released in February 2011.
New gameplay features include divided candy. Where you have to reunite the two pieces of candy before feeding it to Om Nom.
The background of this box has wave patterns and heart outlines everywhere.
This is the first box to be based on a holiday.
InvisibleBox Invisible Box
Released in March 2015 along with Mechanical Box.
This secret box will not appears in your game until it has been unlocked. It needs 1275 stars in total, unlock all achievements and then do a secret action with the spiders to unlock it. This box has no color and has many game codes around it. The background is like a computer with a shadow of Om Nom's face and has many game codes on the screen. In each level, all of the elements and Om Nom in the level will only appear in 3 seconds and then they all disappear except the ropes and the candy. You have to remember where they are to complete the level sucessfully. When the candy hits or go to the area of an element, it will appears for a few seconds.
Toy Box Toy Box
Released in July 2011.
New gameplay features include bouncing platforms. Where the Candy and other objects bounce off of the platform.
The background of this box is a wood texture engraved with pictures of toys.
Gift Box Gift Box
Released in October 2010 along with the original game.
New gameplay features include wheel ropes. You turn the wheels to change the length of the rope it's on.
The background of this box is light orange clouds on a red and orange striped background.
Cosmic Box Cosmic Box
Released in December 2010.
New gameplay features include changing gravity. You get to make gravity go upside-down with a tap of the red button.
The background of this box is blue metal nailed together with a porthole showing part of Earth.
Tool Box Tool Box
Released in October 2011.
New gameplay features include blades. Where you tap on them to change their direction.
The background of this box is the red inside of an ordinary toolbox.
Buzz Box Buzz Box
Released in December 2011.
New gameplay features are bees that carry candy & other objects across the screen.
The box has honeycomb in the background.
DJ Box DJ Box
Released in April 2012.
Discs are introduced for the first time. You turn the handles on them to move objects and candy.
The box is light blue with musical notes on it.
Spooky Box Spooky Box
Released in August 2012.
Introduces ghosts that can turn to other pieces of equipment.
The box seems to be made of green slime, consistent with the ghost theme.
Om Steam Box
Released in January 2013.
The box features steam and steam valves that are used to lift candy in the air.
The background of the box is covered with orange steam clouds.
OM Lantern Box
Released in February 2013 to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
The box features lanterns. Where you can drop the candy into one of them, and it then appears into all the other lanterns.
The background of the box resembles Chinese wrapping paper. Om Nom, looking through a hole, resembles a Chinese dragon.
Cheese Box Cheese Box
Released in July 2013.
The Mouse is introduced in this box. The Mouse helps you If a candy passes by a mousehole, and the mouse will grab it and carry to other holes. The mouse releases the candy on a tap.
The box looks like a big piece of cheese with holes in it.
PillowBox Pillow Box
Released in June 2014 for Android.

Released in July 2014 for iOS.

Reveal the stars and wake Om Nom up with the night lights!
The box looks like a big pillow with a big star in the center, two crescent moons and a hole with Om Nom in it.
MechanicalBox Mechanical Box
Released in March 2015.
This time, the belt is introduced. It is used to move an object which is on the belt.
The box has a light violet color and has some big gears in it.

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