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Lick as he appears in Cut the Rope 2
Character Information
Species The Nommies
Gender Male
Color orange
Allies Om Nom

The Nommies

Enemies Spiders

Lick is one of the main characters of the game Cut the Rope 2. Lick is one of the Nommies that help Om Nom. He is the second Nommie that Om Nom meets in the game. He is first seen in the Sandy Dam.


Cut the Rope 2

Lick first appears in this game in the Sandy Dam location. His meeting with Om Nom is shown in an Om Nom Stories episode. In terms of gameplay, he can stick his tongue to walls and uses them as platforms to carry Om Nom, candy, and other objects.


From the official website:

"Licks' unbelievably long tounges are strong enough to withstand quite a large force - often Licks "cling" onto small trees and shake them until fruits from the trees fall down. They also enjoy chilling underwater, where their tounges help them stay fastened against tumultuous currents."


Lick is an orange Nommie, who resembles Om Nom very closely. His cheeks bulge outward. He weighs 18 lb and is 10 inches in height.  A Scientific Name created for this species is Lingua Lentum. (Slow or Sluggish Tongue)

Sluggish, marksmanship, curious, plump and cheeky. Licks possess an incredible similarity to chameleons — their unbelievably long tongue. However, licks don't use it to catch insects, but to get fruits and berries from trees and shrubs. Licks are small in size, but this species is wonderfully adapted to life in the canyons it inhabits. To move along the cliffs, the licks use their tongues once again to pull themselves up high ledges; furthermore, licks spend a significant part of their lives underwater, where their tongues help them to stay fastened to one place and not be carried away by tumultuous mountain streams. Their tongues are strong enough to withstand quite a large weight — often licks "cling" onto small trees and shake them until fruits fall from the branches right onto their tongues.

Description from the Character Chart for Cut the Rope 2.


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