Lantern Box
General Info
Release Date: February, 2013
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 14
Previous Episode: Steam Box
Next Episode: Cheese Box
Stars to unlock: 750Star
Difficulty: Easy
Game: Cut the Rope

Lantern Box is the fourteenth box in the original Cut the Rope game. It features a new gameplay element - lanterns! Drop the candy into a lantern, it will pop to all the others. Then, tap a lantern to drop the candy down.

Notable levels Edit

The lanterns was introduced in Level 14-1.

Level 14-13 has a hidden drawing.

Walkthroughs Edit

Main article: Lantern Box/Walkthroughs

Level Design Edit

The background is red and have a dragon for the decorate in each level.

Videos Edit

Original game boxes

1st season: Cardboard | Fabric | Foil | Magic | Valentine | Invisible (Hidden)
2nd season: Toy | Gift | Cosmic | Toolbox | Buzz
3rd season: DJ | Spooky | Steam | Lantern | Cheese | Pillow | Mechanical
Bonus: Candy Feast

Gallery Edit


Cut the Rope - Lantern Box Update

Cut the Rope - Lantern Box Update

Cut the rope drop it

Bounce it frow it drop on siclaopene

Anather cut the rope



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