Industrial Age is the 10th episode in Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Appearance Edit

Icon Appearance Edit

The icon appearance has the Industrial Om Nom in the middle of a movie gear with a paper of recordings from it coming out of it. This is the hardest age so on the right top of the episode icon, there is a red fireball that reads, "The Hardest One" on it. This was because to warn players that because the episode is so hard, it could take awhile to complete it.

Game Appearance Edit

The game appearance is with Om Nom and Industrial Om Nom in game, there magnets that cause the 2 candies to connect to each other. The background is gray with drawings of toys on it.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode so far to have extra addition to it.
  • This is the hardest episode of all in Cut the Rope: Time Travel.
  • Also the last episode in the game so far.
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