The Hidden photos are pictures of Om Nom scattered throughout Cut the Rope: Experiments. Player sees them as sheets of paper stuck to the background of the levels. Tapping them reveals a picture of Om Nom, usually connected with the theme of the level, such as meeting a robot or having a bath.

Below is a list of photos found in Cut the Rope: Experiments.

Note: finding photos requires a lot of perseverance, as they are mainly located at the edges of the screen and are hard to spot.

Photo Level Notes
Photo 01 1-14
Photo 02 2-19
Photo 03 3-19
Photo 04 5-23
Photo 05 either 7-20
or 3-15
This photo has been reported to appear in either of these two levels; the reason behind this discrepancy is unknown.
Photo 06 Facebook
Like Cut the Rope on Facebook to get this picture.
Photo 08 4-7
Photo 07 6-17
: 3-15
The depicted photo seem to appear only in iOS version of the game.
Photo 09 8-16

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