Halloween Special was the fifth episode of Season 1 of Om Nom Stories.

Seeing a Dracula movie may not be the best Halloween plan for Om Nom, specially when “Dracula” comes for Om Nom.

Plot Edit

While Evan is busy hunting candy in Halloween, Om nom’s plans are watching a Dracula movie special, which makes him really scared. When the movie is over, the room were Om Nom was suddenly opened and a “Dracula“ silhouette appears in the door causing Om Nom to panic and strike with one of the bed edges, ending squished by a teddy bear. Om Nom frightened tries to run, accidentally getting zapped by a lamp. Then he keeps running and gets behind some books, but there is a pumpkin lantern that spooks Om Nom making him run down a pillow but “Dracula” turns over the pillow while Om Nom is shaking, but “Dracula” reveals that he is just a disguised Evan and calms Om Nom. Evan then drops a candy filled bag which Om Nom starts eating and starts liking Halloween.

Hidden Star Edit

When Om Nom starts running, at the right of the bed the star appears.

Curiosities Edit

  1. This is not the only Halloween special since season 5 has also other one
  2. Om Nom reveals in this episode that he hates monsters and they scare him
  3. It is a continuity mistake that Evan was actually disguised as a magician but he looked as Dracula in the beginning
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