Ginger is a Nommie. She appears in Cut the Rope 2 in a brand new location that the game added - the Bakery. She seems to like Om Nom when she sees him, while Om Nom was afraid of her. Also, Ginger is a name that many yellow creatures have, that's why her name is Ginger. Just like the previous locations, all of the previous Nommies appear in this location. Now, Ginger is a friend to every Nommies, just like all of the other Nommies.

Character Information
Species Nommie (subspecies)
Gender Female
Color Golden Fizz
Enemies None


Ginger is a living flame that kind of looks like a saw blade. Her meeting with Om Nom is also shown in Om Nom Stories in the Bakery episode. She seems to be very naughty at first. But then, after Om Nom save her life from the water, she now wants to follow the Nommies and help Om Nom follow the candy and go back home.


In the game, Ginger burns up anything she touches and then disappears. However she will start to extinguish if she touches water. In Om Nom Stories, she burns up a plastic stand looking like a fiery swirl.


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