Foil Box
3. Foil Box
General Info
Release Date: October 2010
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 3
Previous Episode: Fabric Box
Next Episode: Magic Box
Stars to unlock: 80Star
Difficulty: Rather Easy
Game: Cut the Rope

Foil Box is the third box in Cut the Rope. It was released on October 4, 2010 with the original game. It offers some new gameplay features as movable rope hooks and electric sparks.

Notable levelsEdit

Level 3-1 introduces movable hooks. Apart from moving the candy, they may be used with some effort to accelerate the candy and throw it in the air.

Level 3-3 shows how rope hooks interact with automatic ropes. More, if a candy is attached to two rope hooks at the same time, the rope between them can be stretched.

Level 3-14 is the first time we see electric sparks. They are another obstacle, similar to spikes. However, sparks turn off from time to time, letting the candy through. They don't bring much trouble unless the player faces multiple sparks, as in level 3-23.

Level 3-3 and level 3-20 have Om Nom's Drawings.


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Level DesignEdit

The box image and the background of the level are made of foil, with some tracery on it. This may have to do with the amount of electric sparks in this level pack.

Changes in level designEdit

Level 3-12 (modified in ver. 1.4): Removed three movable ropes and changed position of the devices, stars and Om Nom.

Level 3-13 (modified in ver. 1.4): Removed a row of spikes.
Level 3-20 (modified in ver. 1.4): Removed a pair of movable ropes and a row of electric sparks.
Level 3-24 (modified in ver 1.4): Added a rope and moved the positions of Om Nom, a star and the bubble slightly.


Achievements Edit

On completing the box, the player gets Foil Box Completed achievement. Getting three stars in each level gains Foil Box Perfect achievement.

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