Fabric Box
Fabric Box
General Info
Release Date: October 2010
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 2
Previous Episode: Cardboard Box
Next Episode: Foil Box in IOS/Android version

Toy Box in PC version

Stars to unlock: 30Star
Difficulty: Easy
Game: Cut the Rope

Fabric Box is the second box the player gains access to in the original game. Its mechanics revolves around using air cushions to move candies in mid-air and outsmarting spiders, who share Om Nom's passion for candy.

Notable levels Edit

Level 2-1 is the first level of the Fabric Box the player sees. It introduces air cushions that the player must use to maneuver the candy over obstacles, get stars, etc. The faster you tap the air cushion, the more air comes out.

Level 2-8 is the first appearance of spinning spikes forcing the player to time their cuts and swings, bringing in a new level of difficulty.

Level 2-9 introduces the well-known spider that climbs up or down the rope trying to get the candy. The only way to get rid of the spider is to "cut the rope" before he reaches the candy.

Level 2-17 introduces timed stars that can either fade out really quickly or take some time to fade out.

Level 2-18 the hidden drawing for this box is found here. It is located at the bottom of the level, left to Om Nom, right to the third star.


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Level DesignEdit

Both the background and the box itself is made of a green fabric that has a darker green polka dot pattern. Exclusive to the background itself are pockets in the upper right and lower left corners that may indicate the box is made of the same fabric as clothes.

Changes in level designEdit

Level 2-5 (modified in ver. 1.4): Ropes and a row of spikes behind the air cushion are relocated.
Level 2-7 (modified in ver. 1.4): Stars, air cushions and Om Nom are relocated.
Level 2-8 (modified in ver. 1.4): A star is relocated and an automatic rope is added.
Level 2-10 (modified in ver. 1.4): Changed the locations of the stars and Om Nom, and reduced from 4 automatic ropes to 3.
Level 2-11 (modified in ver. 1.4): Changed the locations of the stars and devices.
Level 2-16 (modified in ver. 1.4): Changed the locations of the stars, bubble and Om Nom.
Level 2-22 (modified in ver. 1.4): Changed location of a star at the top right, reduced from 2 ropes to 1 and from 2 automatic ropes to 1.
The stars required in iOS and Android to unlock this box are 30 but in Mac and PC are 20.


Achievements Edit

On completing the box, the player gets Fabric Box Completed achievement. Getting three stars in each level gains Fabric Box Perfect achievement.

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