DJ Box
DJ Box
General Info
Release Date: April 25, 2012
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 11
Previous Episode: Buzz Box (Toolbox on iOS)
Next Episode: Spooky Box
Stars to unlock: 750Star
Difficulty: Medium
Game: Cut the Rope

DJ Box is the first box in Season 3 and the eleventh box unlocked in the original Cut the Rope. It introducing the new record handles. You must buy season 3 to play this level or get it for free by 3-star all levels in Season 1 and 2. You can preview it for two first levels.

Notable levels Edit

  • Level 11-1 is the first level the player sees the record handles. It is also the first level of DJ Box.
  • Level 11-6 will show the player one of the features of the record handles - moving from one fixture to the another one.
  • Level 11-9 when the player play to this level, the player knows that bubbles are also attach to the record handles.
  • Level 11-25 is easy to beat but it's hard to 3 star that level.

Walkthroughs Edit

Main article: DJ Box/Walkthroughs

Level DesignEdit

The background of this box is blue with the musical notes around the box, with the record handles to make it like a box of DJ music.

Changes in level designEdit

Nothing changes in this box

Gallery Edit


When the player completed all levels in DJ Box, the player will earn DJ Box Completed achievement and when the player 3-starred all levels in this box, the player will earn DJ Box Perfect achievement.

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