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Cut the Rope: Magic


December 16th, 2015 for iOS

December 16th, 2015 for Android


iOS, Android

Cut the Rope: Magic is a Cut The Rope game released on December 16, 2015 on both iOS and Android devices. It features, for the first time and only time, magic transformations for Om Nom. It is the most recent mainline game in the Cut the Rope series. It has a new art style and a completely revamped world map. This is also the first game to feature Crystals instead of coins.


Om Nom was reading a magic book, while he was eating some candies. While eating, the magic book swaps iself to an page, where he saw transformations of himself. When the book swaped serveral books and stop to an page. Suddenly, he saw an evil spider magician in the book who took the candies that Om Nom was eating... Om Nom tried to get all them back, but he accidentally travelled into the book! And then, the game begins.