Christmas Special was the episode number 9 of Om Nom Stories.

Is Christmas! Santa Claus needs to do his business, but Om Nom is like a guard dog. Poor Santa...

Plot Edit

Is Christmas and everybody is sleeping, except Om Nom. He jawns and then activates the tree lights, revealing a candy decoration ( you know what's on his head now ) and Om Nom tries to climb the tree.

A few moments later... (as SpongeBob SquarePants time sign)

Santa Claus appeares and tries to lay his gifts but meanwhile Om Nom is trying to grab the candy by jumping on a branch. Then Om Nom and Santa see each other and both get scared, making a scandal that makes Om Nom land in top of the gifts and Santa escapes. Evan wakes up by the noise and sees the door closed, and a gift opens revealing Om Nom inside with the candy decoration in the hand.

Hidden Star Edit

In the gift behind Om Nom when he opens a gift.

Curiosities Edit

  1. This is the last episode Evan appears in the whole series.
  2. This is the only episode a human face appears ( Santa )
  3. This episode is the only one with two human characters
  4. It is unknown how Om Nom entered to that box so fast or how he grabbed the candy decoration
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