Candy jar was the episode number eight of season one of Om Nom Stories

Om Nom finds a candy jar, but sweets may not be that easy to win.

Plot Edit

Om Nom is on the shelves and sees a candy jar, excited, he wants to try his candy chance and goes to eat the content. He tries to lick it, but his tongue gets sticked in the jar and goes away when he unsticks the tongue from the jar. Om Nom is amazed and tries to shake the jar but also goes flying off. Then he throws the jar off the shelves, but nothing happens so Om Nom throws himself to the jar and they start rolling until he knocks with the wall. He then opens it and Om Nom with the candy goes flying off, but unluckily Om Nom gets stuck in the jar but all candy lands outside.

Hidden Star Edit

At the panoramic view when Om Nom stops rolling in the right up corner of an airplane.

Curiosities Edit

1. This is the first episode of Season 1 where Evan never appears, being the second Robo Friend.

2. Why Om Nom and the candys go flying away when the jar is opened is logicless.

3. Om Nom proves to have learned to climb shelves.

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