Candy is the main passion of Om Nom and the main gameplay element in all Cut the Rope series. The player's aim is to deliver the candy to Om Nom's mouth, or, in some Cut the Rope 2 levels, deliver Om Nom to the candy. Since an unknown update the original game, its appearance may be changed by clicking on it from the main menu. The candy will then switch between candy, doughnut, and ice cream and will retain the chosen shape in-game.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel features two candies per level.

Limited candies

Available candy in-app purchases. Was extremely short lived due to hate and outrage, and was later removed.

Since Cut the Rope: Experiments update 1.7.1, the number of candies in the game is limited. For a start, the player has a hundred candies. It is much like an Energy Mechanism. Each time the player starts a level, replays it, or proceeds to a new level, he spends one candy. Candies are replenished through daily gifts, when the player gets 1, 3 or 5 candies or several superpowers. The player can also buy candies with in-app purchases.

Players can still beat the game without making any in-app purchases, but it became a long and tedious process. That is, until the new feature got a lot of hate from the public, which caused people to uninstall the game, go to the reviews section, and complain. The mass outcry of this horrendous feature forced ZeptoLab to remove the energy mechanism in the full version of the game and only add it in free versions so the player would have to purchase the full game or, if they have Android, get a modded APK of the game. iOS users, however, would either have to get the full version of the game or switch to Android.

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