Buzz Box
Buzz Box
General Info
Release Date: December 2011
Levels: 25
Episode No.: 10
Previous Episode: toolbox
Next Episode: DJ Box
Stars to unlock: 375Star
Difficulty: Medium
Game: Cut the Rope

Buzz Box is the tenth box unlocked in Cut the Rope. The box presenting the bees which is carrying the ropes along their path.

Notable levels Edit

  • Level 10-1 is the first level the player meets the bees. It is also the very first level of Buzz Box.
  • Level 10-15 is a little bit hard with the beginners. It has a hidden drawing too!
  • Level 10-25 is the hardest level of this box.

Walkthroughs Edit

Main article: Buzz Box/Walkthroughs

Level DesignEdit

The background of this box is gold with the hexagons and the bees, make it like the box of the bees. In other words, it is made to look like a hive.

Changes in Level DesignEdit

  • First, ZeptoLab made a new box and was leaked as Honey Box before they release. Until when they see the bees in the box, they rename into Buzz Box.

Gallery Edit


Complete all levels in this box, you will earn Buzz Box Completed achievement and when you 3-starred all levels in this box, you will earn Buzz Box Perfected achievement.

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