"Bath Time" is the second episode in the Cut the Rope videos.

Story Edit

Om Nom comes into the bathroom covered in mud. He eats the soap Evan was using to wash his hands, thinking that it was candy. When Evan realizes this Om Nom spits the soap out and burps. Evan decides to wash Om Nom off by putting him in the bathtub. Om Nom started crying, so Evan started filling up the sink. Om Nom puts one of his hands up to the faucet and water splatters everywhere, making him run in the bathtub. Om Nom has fun with the bubbly soap and Evan rinses the suds off him. He then dries Om Nom off with a hair dryer and gives him a squirt of perfume. Later on, Evan is typing Om Nom's bath on his blog when Om Nom comes in with paint on him. Om Nom starts to jump up and down as Evan sighs and says "Oh, Om Nom.​"​

Hidden Sta​rEdit

The hidden star in the video is found on the microscope in the scene where Evan is typing on his laptop.

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