General Info
Release Date: December 2014
Levels: 24
Episode No.: 6
Previous Episode: Fruit Market
Next Episode: Unknown (Estimated City)
Difficulty: Hard
Game: Cut the Rope 2

Bakery is the seventh place in cut the rope 2. It introduces Ginger, the cookie that is shaped like a saw blade.


The teaser image shows brown, grey, orange, red, and blue (blue is the windows) colors in a bakery with Ginger stood on a tray. The floor seems a glossy black, with broken biscuits scattered across it. The dustbin in the corner is a dark green color. The tray ginger was on is a brown color. Other info is currently unknown.

Current appearanceEdit

However, upon watching the toon of om nom stories, the floor is discovered glossy brown, the dustbin is bright green, the shelves are brown, there is now a stool with a chef hat on it, also various ornaments are now placed on the tables. The broken biscuits are now gone, and now a broom stands next to the bin.

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