Arts and Crafts was the episode number 7 of season 1 in Om Nom Stories.

Evan is trying to do a portrait of Om Nom, but Om Nom may not be the best in staying without moving.

Plot Edit

Evan is doing a portrait of Om Nom, forcing Om Nom to stay there. Om Nom is a bit sleepy as it jawns, and for worse a butterfly passes in front of Om Nom, Evan tells him to stay there. The same butterfly passes again and Om Nom tries to catch it and falls from the books, so Evan tells him again to stay there. Now the butterfly is in a cup so Om Nom goes running to it and jumps trying to catch the butterfly, but fails. Afterwards he lands in top of the same cup, rolling off the table. Om Nom doesn’t gives up and the butterfly now is on a window, so Om Nom sticks to the window and tries to grab the butterfly but falls off. The butterfly sits in top of Evan’s portrait and Om Nom launches to it, but gets squished by the portrait in top of some paint. Evan comes and opens the portrait, that now has Om Nom’s silhouette on it and gets impresses by it.

Curiosities Edit

  1. In one scene Evan leaves the room, but it is never seen.
  2. Om Nom got paint dirty in this episode as it looked like at the end in favorite food, but Evan didn’t knew that Om Nom was like that.

Hidden Star Edit

When Evan is dipping the paintbrush is on one of the paint containers.

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