Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
General Info
Release Date: April 2013
Levels: 15
Episode No.: 5
Previous Episode: Ancient Egypt
Next Episode: The Stone Age
Stars to unlock: 140Star
Difficulty: Medium
Game: Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Ancient Greece is the fifth level pack in Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Each of its levels has two platforms and a switch, so that only one Om Nom can be on the screen. The switch turns the platforms 180 degrees and gives way to another Om Nom. The levels are based on activating the switch with the candy and choosing between Om Nom and his ancestor. Interestingly, that means the player cannot obtain Interrupted dialogue achievement, as Om Nom will not see his ancestor.

Notable levels Edit

Level 5-1 introduces platforms. Two rotating platforms with Om Nom and his ancestor are present in each level, so only one creature is present at any moment. A button switches the platform whenever a candy passes by.

Level 5-6 makes use of rope hooks, flying candy from Ancient Egypt, bubbles, automatic ropes and platforms, which can be really overwhelming for beginner players.

Level 5-8 introduces portals, which are replacement for magic hats from the early levels. This becomes increasingly hard in level 5-12 as the portals begin to move. Later, in The Stone Age, their movement is controlled. Level 5-15 brings this concept to a new stage, introducing color-coded portals.


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The box image is a Greek vase with black-figure painting. The painting depicts Om Nom's ancestor playing with candy. The background of the levels has images of a temple, a mask and some others. Greek ancestor is wearing a laurel wreath and a golden ring.


Achievements Edit

On completing the level pack, player gets Green philosopher achievement. On completing Ancient Greece with 3 stars, player gets Candies of Olympus achievement. Note that Ancient Greece is the place to get Hidden door and Vertigo achievements.

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