Achievements are sets of objectives that a player can complete during the game. Each installment in the series includes a set of achievements implemented with the help of Gamecenter (iOS), Google Play games (Android) and Xbox (Windows Phone) system.

Some achievements are obtained as the player progresses through the game, for example, Cardboard Box Completed is given to any player who completes level 1-25. The others require a certain number of actions, such as cutting 100 ropes in Rope Cutter. Some achievements are designed to make the player perform unusual actions. Tummy Teaser, for instance, is given after Om Nom opens his mouth ten times in a row.

Cut the Rope Edit

Image Title Requirements
Achievement bronze scissors Bronze Scissors Collect 50 stars
Achievement silver scissors Silver Scissors Collect 150 stars
Achievement rope cutter Rope Cutter Cut 100 ropes
Achievement golden scissors Golden Scissors Collect 300 stars
Achievement rope cutter maniac Rope Cutter Maniac Cut 800 ropes
Achievement ultimate rope cutter Ultimate Rope Cutter Cut 2000 ropes
Achievement quick finger Quick Finger Cut 3 ropes at once
Achievement master finger Master Finger Cut 5 ropes at once
Achievement bubble popper Bubble Popper Pop 50 bubbles
Achievement bubble master Bubble Master Pop 300 bubbles
Achievement spider buster Spider Buster Outsmart 40 spiders
Achievement spider tamer Spider Tamer Outsmart 200 spiders
Achievement spider lover Spider Lover Let the spiders steal candy 100 times
This achievement is specific to
Windows Phone only
Achievement weight loser Weight Loser Lose candy 50 times
Achievement calorie minimizer Calorie Minimizer Lose candy 200 times
Achievement tummy teaser Tummy Teaser Have Om Nom open his mouth 10 times in a row
Achievement romantic soul Romantic Soul Reunite 100 candies
Achievement candy juggler Candy Juggler Keep the candy in the air for 30 seconds without ropes or bubbles
This achievement is specific to
Windows Phone only
Achieve Magician Magician Drop candy into magic hats 200 times
Achieve CB Complete Cardboard Box Completed Complete the Cardboard Box
Achieve CB Perfect Cardboard Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Cardboard Box
Achieve Fabric Complete Fabric Box Completed Complete the Fabric Box
Achieve Fabric Perfect Fabric Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Fabric Box
Achievement foil box Foil Box Completed Complete the Foil Box
Achievement foil box perfect Foil Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Foil Box
Achievement magic box Magic Box Completed Complete the Magic Box
Achievement magic box perfect Magic Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Magic Box
Achievement valentine box Valentine Box Completed Complete the Valentine Box
Achievement valentine box perfect Valentine Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Valentine Box
Achievement gift box Gift Box Completed Complete the Gift Box
Achievement gift box perfect Gift Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Gift Box
Achievement cosmic box Cosmic Box Completed Complete the Cosmic Box
Achievement cosmic box perfect Cosmic Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Cosmic Box
Achievement toy box Toy Box Completed Complete the Toy Box
Achievement toy box perfect Toy Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Toy Box
Achievement tool box Tool Box Completed Complete the Tool Box
Achievement tool box perfect Tool Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Tool Box
Achievement buzz box Buzz Box Completed Complete the Buzz Box
Achievement buzz box perfect Buzz Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Buzz Box
Achievement dj box DJ Box Completed Complete the DJ Box
Achievement dj box perfect DJ Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of DJ Box
Achievement spooky box Spooky Box Completed Complete the Spooky Box
Achievement spooky box perfect Spooky Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Spooky Box
Steam Box Completed Steam Box Completed Complete the Steam Box
Steam Box Perfect Steam Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Steam Box
Achievement lantern box Lantern Box Completed Complete the Lantern Box
Achievement lantern box perfect Lantern Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Lantern Box
Cheese Box Completed Cheese Box Completed Complete the Cheese Box
Cheese Box Perfect Cheese Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Cheese Box
PillowComplete Pillow Box Completed Complete the Pillow Box
Pillow3Star Pillow Box Perfect Get three stars in all levels of Pillow Box
  • Tummy Teaser is an unusual achievement to get, but it becomes easy in levels with rope hooks, such as 3-6 or 3-9.
  • Quick Finger and Master Finger can be easily obtained in levels 1-7 or 1-23.
  • Note that Candy Juggler and Spider Lover are
    Windows Phone-specific. Levels 2-1, 2-23 or 4-7 are possibly the best to obtain Candy Juggler.

Candy Feast Edit

Candy Feast is a mini-game within Cut the Rope, featuring five new achievements.

Image Title Requirements
Appetizer Appetizer Collect 150 sweets in one session
Cornucopia Cornucopia Collect 2000 sweets in total
Grand meal Grand Meal Collect 250 sweets in one session
Mind the gap Mind the Gap Catch 50 sweets which almost hit the bottom
Sweet magnetics Sweet Magnetics Collect 20 sweets using a single magnet

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift Edit

Image Title Requirements
Silver Scissors Xmas Silver Scissors (Xmas) Collect 40 stars
Golden Scissors Xmas Golden Scissors (Xmas) Collect 75 stars
Rope Cutter Xmas Rope Cutter (Xmas) Cut 100 ropes
Bubble Popper Xmas Bubble Popper (Xmas) Pop 50 bubbles
Holiday Gift Completed Xmas Holiday Gift Completed (Xmas) Complete the Holiday Gift Box
Weight Loser Xmas Weight Loser (Xmas) Lose candy 50 times
Master of Socks Xmas Master of Socks (Xmas) Drop candy into socks 50 times
Santa's Helper Xmas Santa's Helper (Xmas) Drop candy into socks 200 times
Tummy Teaser Xmas Tummy Teaser (Xmas) Have Om Nom opens his mouth 5 times in a row

Cut the Rope: Experiments Edit

Image Title Requirements
Student Student Collect 50 stars
Assistant Assistant Collect 100 stars
Doctor Doctor Collect 200 stars
Rope Collector Rope Collector Cut 50 ropes
Rope Expert Rope Expert Cut 600 ropes
Achieve Gettingstarted Getting Started - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the first level pack
Achieve Shootingthecandy Candy Shooting - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the second level pack
Achieve Stickysteps Sticky Steps - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the third level pack
Achieve Rocketscience Rocket Science - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the fourth level pack
Achieve Bathtime Bath Time - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the fifth level pack
Achieve Handycandy Handy Candy - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the sixth level pack
Achieve anthill Ant Hill - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the seventh level pack
BambooChutesPerfect Bamboo Chutes - Perfect Get three stars in all levels of the eighth level pack
Rookie Sniper Rookie Sniper Shoot with the rope gun 50 times
Skilled Sniper Skilled Sniper Shoot with the rope gun 150 times
High Jumper High Jumper Bounce on trampoline 100 times
Crazy Jumper Crazy Jumper Bounce on trampoline 400 times
Novice Wall Climber Novice Wall Climber Use suction-cup 50 times
Veteran Wall Climber Veteran Wall Climber Use suction-cup 400 times
Sweet Science Sweet Science Feed Om Nom with 50 candies
Tummy Delight Tummy Delight Feed Om Nom with 150 candies
Party Animal Party Animal Launch 100 rockets
Photo Observer Photo Observer Find 4 hidden photos
Snail Rider Snail Rider Grab snail 30 times
Snail Tamer Snail Tamer Grab snail 100 times
Pool Swimmer Pool Swimmer Get candy underwater 40 times
Deep Diver Deep Diver Get candy underwater 150 times
Robo Master Robo Master Use robotic hands to catch 50 flying rockets
  • Photo Observer is hard to get, so refer to Photos article for information.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel Edit

Image Title Requirements
MedievalCompleted Candy Castles Complete The Middle Ages
MedievalPerfect Crusader Complete The Middle Ages with 3 stars
RenaissanceCompleted Painted candies Complete The Renaissance
RenaissancePerfect Om da Nomci Complete the Renaissance with 3 stars
PiratesCompleted AAARRRRRRR!!! Complete The Pirate Ship
PiratesPerfect Dead Man's Chest Complete The Pirate Ship with 3 stars
EgyptCompleted TutankhaNom Complete Ancient Egypt
EgyptPerfect Treasures of the Pharaons Complete Ancient Egypt with 3 stars
GreeceCompleted Green philosopher Complete Ancient Greece
GreecePerfect Candies of Olympus Complete Ancient Greece with 3 stars
PrehistoricCompleted CaveNom Complete The Stone Age
PrehistoricPerfect Bloodline Complete The Stone Age with 3 stars
Party king Disco dancer Complete Disco Era
Disco star Star of the dance floor Complete Disco Era with three stars
Shrieff Star Sheriff Star Complete Wild West
Most Wanted Fixed Most Wanted Complete Wild West with three stars
Bright Future Ahead of time Complete The Future
Ahead of Time Bright Future Complete The Future with three stars
Chinese WisdOmNom Chinese WisdOmNom Complete Asian Dynasty
Master of Candy Arts Master of Candy Arts Complete Asian Dynasty with 3 stars
Coming soon! This achievement is coming soon!
Coming soon! This achievement is coming soon!
StarsCollected200 Time traveller Collect 200 stars
RopesCut500 Ropes of ages Cut 500 ropes
BubblesPopped50 Bubbles of the ancestors Pop 50 bubbles
Paused200 Split second Freeze time with the Time Stopper 200 times
BombExploded50 Big Boom! Explode 50 bombs
CandyDesyncro10 Connection lost Desynchronize 10 candies
HeroSwitched20 Hidden door Flip OmNom 20 times
FullClockCW20 Into the future Make 20 full clockwise turns
FullClockCCW20 Back to the past Make 20 full counter-clockwise turns
FeedFreeze Feeding time Stop the time when the candy flies into OmNom's opened mouth
FastTurn Vertigo Quickly turn OmNom's platform 360 degrees
GreetingFeed Interrupted dialogue Feed the candy to OmNom while he is talking to a friend
FlyStars20 Fly to the stars Collect 20 stars with the flying candy
HatToHat20 Wormholes Fly through 20 portals
Laser show Laser show Block 10 different laser beams with the disco ball
Lasso Master Lasso master Connect candies with a rope 50 times.
Tied Together Tied Together Feed both OmNoms with candies tied with a rope.
Hoverboard Hoverboarder Fly 100 zeptometers with flying OmNom
Fan of the hand fan Fan of the hand fan Rotate fans 100 times
Coming soon! This brand new achievement is coming soon!

Possibly, the hardest to get are Feeding time, Vertigo and Interrupted dialogue.

  • Feeding time is only possible to get in the levels with time freeze. Stop the time as the candy starts falling into Om Nom mouth and perform a quick series of unfreezes and freezes. Some practice should bring you the achievement.
  • Vertigo is only obtainable in Ancient Greece. Hit the button with two candies, one after another. A good possibility to do that is level 5-1, if you move both candies at once.
  • Interrupted dialogue is activated if you feed Om Nom while he talks to his ancestor in the beginning of each box. The easiest way to do this is to cut the rope at the very start of level 1-1 or level 6-1.

Om Nom: Candy Flick Edit

This is also the game with the HARDEST achievements to get.

Image Title Requirements
Taste Test Taste Test Feed Om Nom 10 candies.
Candylicious Candylicious Feed Om Nom 100 candies
Yummy in the Tummy Yummy in the Tummy Feed Om Nom 300 candies
A Better Taste A Better Taste Feed Om Nom 5 super candies
Sugar Addict Feed Om Nom 30 super candies
Supertaster Feed Om Nom 90 super candies
Quick Snack Quick Snack Score 100 points in one game
Hardy Lunch Hardy Lunch Score 200 points in one game
Half Way Half Way Reach a perfect score of 300 points in one game
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter Make 3 successful shots in a row
Skittle Sniper Skittle Sniper Make 5 successful shots in a row
Tummy Teaser Candy Flick Tummy Teaser Miss 5 times in one game
Boss of Toss Candy Flick Boss of Toss Throw 100 candies total
Throw Master Throw Master Throw 500 candies total
Toss Ninja Throw 1000 candies total
Feeding Pattern Feeding Pattern Hit Miss Hit Miss Hit
Master of the Rings Get bonus points after flying through a ring 50 times
Fast Food Fast Food Feed Om Nom with a candy while he is on the move
Sweet Jackpot Reach a perfect score of 610 points in one game
Marksman Marksman Make 10 successful shots in a row

Three hardest achievements to get are: Marksman, Sweet Jackpot and the hardest: Master of the Rings!

Cut the Rope 2 Edit

Image Title Requirements
Journey Begins Journey Begins Complete the Forest
Green Scout Green Scout Collect all stars in the Forest
Stones and Waters Stones and Water Complete the Sandy Dam
Deep Diver Deep Diver Collect all stars in the Sandy Dam
Hills of Metal Hills of Metal Complete the Junkyard
Nothing is Wasted Nothing is Wasted Collect all stars in the Junkyard
Rainy Day Rainy Day Complete the City Park
Puddle Jumper Puddle Jumper Collect all stars in the City Park
Secret Passage Secret Passage Complete the Underground
Braveheart Braveheart Collect all stars in the Underground
FruitCompleted Fruit Time Complete the Fruit Market
Fruit3star Fresh Juice Collect all stars in the Fruit Market
Rope Exterminator Rope Exterminator Cut 200 ropes
Inflight Snack Inflight Snack Feed Om Nom while he's in the air
Curiosity Curiosity Check About screen
Good Catch Good Catch Catch Om Nom with Roto 10 times
Party Crasher Party Crasher Pop 100 red balloons
Sea Stars Sea Stars Collect 10 stars underwater
Tip of the Tongue Tip of the Tongue Reach candy with the tip of Lick's tongue
Growing Population Growing Population Create 100 Blues
Levitation Levitation Keep the candy in the air for 10 seconds using magnets
Creepy Flight Creepy Flight Use Boo to scare Om Nom in the air
Boo Alert Boo Alert Use Boo to press the red buttons
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished Complete 100 missions
Snailbrow Slow and Steady Travel 100 meters with Snailbrow

The hardest to get are Inflight Snack and Creepy Flight.

  • Levitation is can only be achieved in level 3-10.
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